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27. Media, Government and Religious Organizations Derelict in Duties to Inform Public of Necessary Actions to Take to Avoid Global Warming Catastrophe


Some may have wondered why our mass media sources, including CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, FOX News, CNN, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), National Public Radio, the National Weather Service, as well as the many major national and local newspapers and local TV and radio weather forecasters, have refused to sound the alarm bells on global warming the past several years  when it started to become fairly obvious that humans were causing the world to warm as evidenced by the faster melting of the polar ice and land glaciers, the rate that sea level was rising, and the poleward movement of the growing seasons, insect populations, and animal in America and elwhere were happening at the same time as greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere were rising., among other physical and biological changes,were all occurring

But all credible scientists are now admitting that catastrophic warming of the earth is underway and the resulting profound impacts on most of the world’s life systems has already been begun. They also say the warming will continue every day that people and businesses conduct “business as usual”, which is what the world’s fossil fuel companies and related corporations want everybody to do.

Despite President Obama’s speech to the graduating students at Georgetown University on June 25th this year, where unveiled his new policies to confront global warming  – a transcript of the speech can be read at blog entry #18 –  the. United States Congress and Wisconsin’s Legislature and Wisconsin’s state governor Scott Walker have been done virtually nothing to confront climate change in Wisconsin.

Every day we continue to live our lives as we did in the past, by engaging in activities that burn fossil fuels – in driving motor vehicles, in flying by jet airliner, in heating and cooling our homes, and in visiting places of business and/or recreation that cause the release of more and more volumes of greenhouse gases  to the atmosphere, we add more “fuel to the fire”, so to speak, Earth and her ocean’s will become hotter and hotter, setting in motion an almost unthinkable cascade unintended consequences upon all of us and the generations that follows. It is shameful that our Wisconsin Legislature, our governor, and our governmental representatives in the House of Representatives, and the U. S. Senate have all failed to take meaningful major actions on this growing catastrophe and have continued acting as though things should be done “business as usual”

In 2000, I proposed a strategy to my elected governmental officials at the state and national level that would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Wisconsin. I believe it would have resulted in significant annual reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in Wisconsin’s transportation and energy use sectors.  In doing so, it would likely have  benefited all sectors and income levels. Individuals and families who drive less (or not at all), fly less (or not at all) and use less fossil fuel derived energy in their home on an annual basis see blog #7: “A  Socially and Environmentally Just Program that Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions to the Atmosphere by Offering Financial Incentives that Reward Less (or no) Driving, Flying and Home Energy Use”, or click on the links below:

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