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Global Response to Coronavirous Shows Meaningful Reductions of Greenhouse Gases Are Possible

The world’s human population, particularly all individuals, families and businesses making ends meet in well-off developed countries, ought not return to pre coronavirus lifestyle if Earth has any chance of continuing to be a life- enabling place for humans, plants and animals.

“More than 250,000 Deaths, Annually, from Climate Change”, ALREADY!

That’s 2 1/2 times the current death rate from Coronavirus . Taken together, what does this spell for the family of the human race?

Consider this:

It is essential not to forget – as the Trump administration U.S. EPA apparently has, according to the latest report greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution – that GHG emissions are ADDITIVE. They do not simply vanish or escape to outer space over time.

EARTH’S GRAVITATIONAL FORCE HOLDS ALL THE GREENHOUSE GASES EMITTED FROM BURNING FOSSIL FUELS CLOSE TO EARTH’S SURFACE. The greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere from year to year. This is what causes the earth’s atmosphere to heat up.

The more fossil fuels that are burned (gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, coal, methane), the stronger and stronger the heat-capturing capability of earth’s atmosphere becomes. The residual of burning every gallon (or ton) of fossil fuel is additive; therefore, even though there may be a decline in annual GHG emissions in some years, the total amount of such gases in the atmosphere will continue to rise, causing temperatures on earth to also continue to rise until fossil fuel burning is reduced to a negligible amount EVERYWHERE!