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Pole Ice Melting Much Faster than Anticipated: Effects on Rest of Earth’s Continents to be Swift and Profound

The intent of this brief synopsis is not for use by nay-sayers of global warming and individuals who challenge the causes and the realities of climate change. There is unquestionably a growing and now overwhelming number of humans today who are currently showing up on survey after survey, stating saying they have become increasingly more concerned about the consequences of our fossil fuel driven world on our biological and physical world.

As this growingly malignant human-caused atrocity of global warming and extinction of all life on Earth continues — which is not too far-fetched from being called “murder” — by not only the U.S. Congress and State Legislatures in session, but also by none other than U. S. President Donald Trump and the fifty state governors in office; it is now virtually certain that rising greenhouse gasses (GHGs); albeit warmer temperatures, rising seas, flooding, drought, infestations, polluted air … all associated with rising GHGs and global annual average temperature increases … are on the increase.

Contrary to those who make light of individuals who express concern over the seriousness of this situation, calling them “pessimist” and “doom and gloom fanatics”, this is not a problem to laugh or be silly about.

The grave losses just now beginning to pile up will soon dwarf all other human and other premature loss of life, caused by all natural disasters since the planet’s existence, by all human initiated wars, by all disease and crash caused incidents and old age.

To have any hope in preventing this calamity, we must all toss away the comforts and complacency wreaked upon us by an unrelenting mass media, an all too permissive religious establishment, a corrupted and lackadaisical educational system; a fossil fuel system benefitting and subsidizing government, and instead take upon the duties of any civilized society and carry out massive, unfettered disobedience until non suicidal lifestyles once again become cause of end of life the way God had undoubtedly intended.

Source: “Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth”, Kenneth Boulding, April 4, 1917.

Earth Rising Above Dark Side of the Moon.

This is what we have to lose by not rejoining the Paris Accords and Acting to Thwart the Gravest of All Realties – The Destruction of Earth by Global WARming, Rising Oceans, Millions of Species go Extinct

All made probable by the status quo of “business as usual”.