Email Message Sent September 8, 2013 to: Editor, Wisconsin State Journal (Not Published by Wis. State Journal)


Dear editor,

What more could our congressional and state representatives possibly be waiting for that would convince them global warming is a threat to our future? It is becoming a far greater threat than most people had first imagined, and it’s pace is accelerating by the degree that we all are adding to the increased build up greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

It is critical they take major actions now or it will be too late? The AP report published in the WSJ last Thursday summarized  a just released joint National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and British meteorology office report that used thousands of runs of computer simulation of last year’s wildest weather events and reports that man-made global warming made U. S. heat waves and Superstorm Sandy flooding more likely, caused further shrinkage of Arctic sea ice, increased the likelihood of drought in Europe’s Iberian peninsula and flooding in Australia and New Zealand.

It is critical our political leaders in the U. S. Congress and our State Legislature take major and significant actions now to minimize our own annual inputs of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, primarily from burning too much coal, natural gas, oil, and other fuels, which release carbon dioxide and other gases when burned. Everyday day that goes by that our policy makers fail to take up this issue and act responsibly on it will mean more devastation, economic costs, and human and animal lives in the future.

About Mike Neuman

Environmentalist; Father; Senior Citizen; Husband, School Crossing Guard; Green Bay Packer Fan; Wisconsin Badger Fan; Animal Lover; Humanitarian

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