Thousands Flying to Super Bowl XLVIII a Big Loss for the Planet



About 15 percent of the Super Bowl XLVIII crowd traveled to the game by private jet, according to Greg Raiff, chief executive of Private Jet Services Group in Seabrook, N. H.. And thousands more enthusiastic travelers flew to the big game using commercial airlines. Score this monstrosity event another big loss for our planet earth.

People who  travel regularly by jet in the U. S. contribute many more tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere than people who choose not to fly.  A single round-trip flight from New York to San Francisco sends 2-3 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent gases per passenger to the atmosphere, where it remains upwards of 100 years . According to the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization, more than 6 billion people will fly in 2030, which is double the number of passengers flying in 2012.

The average American generates about 19 tons of greenhouse gases a year. The calculated average greenhouse gas emission per person, world-wide, is less than 5 tons a year.

Many hundreds of tons of potent greenhouse gases were emitted to the atmosphere as a result of recreational flying to Super Bowl XLVIII. Many more hundreds of tons of greenhouse gases will undoubtedly be emitted by jet airplanes taking passengers from all over the world round-trip to the Olympic Games in Russia, which begin next week. Those greenhouse gas emissions, too, will remain in the atmosphere a century or more, heating the planet.


About Mike Neuman

Environmentalist; Father; Senior Citizen; Husband, School Crossing Guard; Green Bay Packer Fan; Wisconsin Badger Fan; Animal Lover; Humanitarian

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