New Study Finds Greenland’s Jakobshavn Glacier Moving Faster into Ocean


New research out of the University of Washington and German Aerospace Center report Greenland’s massive Jakobshavn Glacier is moving four times faster to the Arctic Ocean as it did in the 1990s. The study reported the glacier as moving at 10.5 miles per year, or about 150 feet per day. The study also says the glacier is believed to have produced the infamous iceberg that led to the sinking of the Titanic., and that it contributed at least one millimeter to global sea level rise between 2000 and 2011.

The study attributes the faster rate that the glacier is moving to the ocean to the widespread warming in the Arctic since the 1990s, which has caused the glacier to thin and produce more and more icebergs that threaten shipping routes. The study was published in February 2014 in the journal The Cryosphere, published by the European Geosciences Union.

The Jakobshavn Glacier is reported to be 4 miles wide and over 1,000 feet thick.


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