Urgent Issues Wisconsin Legislature Ignored in 2014

Capitol1. Climate Change from Global Warming Due to Rising Greenhouse Gas Concentrations in the Atmosphere;

2. Poverty, Including Not Enough Funds for Nutrition and a Tolerance of a Low Living Standard for Wisconsinites in Need;

3. Income Disparities by Races, Sexes, Birth Location, and Other Factors Irrelevant Economic Potential

4. The Replacement of Wisconsin Wilderness Lands, Wildlife, Wetlands and Farmland with 4-Lane Highways, Freeways, Airport Runways and Taxi-ways; Big-Box Stores, Massive Parking Structures.

5. Facilitating Reconstruction of Self-contained Communities in Wisconsin, Complete with quality schools with well paid teachers, grocery stores, walkways, bicycle routes, mass transit stops.

6. The amount of acreage devoted to green space must be increased as much as possible.

About Mike Neuman

Environmentalist; Father; Senior Citizen; Husband, Former School Crossing Guard for City of Madison; Bike to Work Advocate; Animal/Children/People Lover (in general); Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Madison, Wisconsin, Anti-long distance travel (via fossil fuel burning); Against militarism in any form; Strong believer in people everywhere having the right to speak their minds openly, without any fear of reprisal, regarding any concerns; for those in authority to listen attentively AND, as warranted, ACT AS NECESSARY AND IN A TIMELY MANNER TO REDUCE OR ELIMINATE those concerns; Lover of music, especially live music, music by: David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, Neil Young; John Prine; Steve Goodman; B.B. King; Eric Burton; Gracy Slick, Carol King;John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr; Bob Dylan; Lightfoot; Mark Knoffler; Richard Thompson; Elvis Presley; Tom Petty; Willie Nelson, Others too numerous to mention.

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