NPR Wrong In Reporting Purpose of Climate Change Summit


I heard NPR’s Jack Speer say on National Public Radio at 4:00 pm today that the world’s leaders were meeting to find a way to “reverse climate change”.

As reputable scientists have been saying for years, it’s not possible to reverse global warming, even if the world stops emitting greenhouse gases (GHGs) entirely. That’s why many of us were saying an urgent reduction in GHGs emissions was needed, as early as 1999, or before. Once carbon dioxide and most other GHGs are emitted (in the pipeline), there is no easy way to retrieve them.

They can remain in the atmosphere for centuries. Each year’s emissions thus add to the heat-trapping strength of the atmosphere, causing more warming at the earth’s surface.


About Mike Neuman

Environmentalist; Father; Senior Citizen; Husband, School Crossing Guard; Green Bay Packer Fan; Wisconsin Badger Fan; Animal Lover; Humanitarian

One response to “NPR Wrong In Reporting Purpose of Climate Change Summit”

  1. La Mer says :

    Great catch, Mike. You are so accurate to point this out!
    At this stage in the game, it is criminal to get the facts wrong about fossil fuel combustion and climate change — I hope NPR gets feedback about that inaccurate reportage!

    The urgent need to “keep it zipped” (i.e., keep Bakken and tar sands in the ground) is because of the imminent threat of global disaster from climate change as well as imminent threats to our local water, soil and potential for sustainable food production — the essentials for life.

    Fossil fuel combustion gases and PIPELINES threaten our local Wisconsin soil and water and those resources in the other Great Lakes states, as well as threatening the Great Lakes themselves. Clearly what Enbridge, Koch bros. et al. are doing in MN, MI and WI is criminal.

    See recent NASA map for the amazing Great Lakes soil and water content — the invaluable resource is water, not oil.

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